Home Additions

We know you’re familiar with the old saying, “Measure twice, cut once.” Like all cliches, there’s a little bit of truth beneath the advice, and that truth remains relevant when it comes to home additions and construction. You might have a home addition project in mind, such as an expanded living room, a home office, or a new bathroom. If corners are cut, your budget can balloon, the relationship between you and your remodeling contractor can get unpleasant, and you’ll be left with an inferior finished product.

To ensure your project is handled right, it needs to be performed with care and precision, and with an eye on maintaining the integrity of your home. At DC Services and Home Improvement, the only way for us to do a job is to do it right. More than 30 years of industry experience has given us the ability to skillfully customize your home addition to your precise specifications while minimizing the impact upon your day-to-day living. Our team is all about accuracy, whether it’s building a home addition that looks like it’s always been there or giving you upfront costs and estimates that don’t mysteriously inflate during the project.

You expect your next home addition to be built with care and consideration — our job is to make that happen. Contact us online or by phone today to get started.